Underprivileged Hemophiliac Children

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Creating awareness of Hemophilia and its inherited patterns is of prime importance. Victims and carriers of Hemophilia suffer the fear of social excommunication due to the stigma of Hemophilia, guilt, social isolation, and monetary constraints. Ninety percent (90%) of affected families in India live below the poverty line. When the Hemophiliac child is exposed to whole blood transfusion due to non-availability of factor concentrates (treatment for Hemophilia), the child has a greater chance of being infected with HIV and Hepatitis-B and C. Even though a large number of persons are afflicted with Hemophilia, government awareness and attention is minimal in India. As most Asian countries do not offer insurance coverage, it is extremely difficult to treat a child in need. When timely treatment is not available, the Hemophiliac child becomes disabled at an early age. Some of the children SABHA supports have bleeding disorders such as Hemophilia and von Willebrand disease.

SABHA works with Save One Life foundation in Boston, and also with an expert in the area of Hemophilia, Mrs. Usha Parthasarathy, formerly Vice President, Development, Hemophilia Federation of India. The Hemophilia Federation India is an NGO run by Persons with Hemophilia.

Service Areas - Hemophilia

1. Annual Sponsorship Fund to support children with Hemophilia in Tamil Nadu.

2. Provide sewing machines for mothers of children with Hemophilia who have been:
• Abandoned by their husbands.
• Have two or more children with Hemophilia.
• Are widows with two or more children with Hemophilia

3. Visit and keep in touch with the children sponsored by SABHA.

2017 SABHA Beneficiaries

• Von Willebrand Bleeding
Sumaiya Rubinath Sowmya Navya Shree

• Severe Factor IX Deficiency
Vadivel Venkatesh Murugan

• Sever Factor VIII Deficiency
Ganesan Hari Haran Neeraj Manikandan Prakash
Shreehakrishna Mohammed Ramesh Manoj Rahul


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