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Dire Poverty - The Greatest Challenge a Child Can Face.

Poverty and hardship is the norm for many children who live in rural South India. Hunger, sickness and lack of clean drinking water are for many, a fact of life. Some face the additional challenge of losing one or both parents to poverty induced suicide. Relatives who are equally poor cannot afford an extra mouth to feed. There is no social welfare system that takes care of orphans, needy, sick or abandoned children. Where do these children go? Do they attend school? Who supports them? Local nonprofits try to help, but the task is often insurmountable.

SABHA, Inc is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit located in Atlanta, Georgia. We are dedicated to helping children with Hemophilia, education, food, and medical care.

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Our Foundation - Every child is a special gift to nurture and love

Our Core Values - Compassion - Dedication - Service

In the broadest sense, the Sanskrit word SABHA means organization or gathering. We see SABHA, INC. as an organization, a gathering of like-minded people dedicated to the service of others. SABHA is staffed wholly by volunteers who receive no compensation.

The founding of SABHA in 2007 was inspired by strong support from the Atlanta community in general and by the parents and students of Atlanta International School in particular. The school community came together to help and support the survivors of the December 2004 Tsunami. The natural progression of this catastrophic event was to start a nonprofit that would offer support through sustained fundraising efforts to children who face overwhelming obstacles, but who still look to the future with hope.

SABHA’s projects in Tamil Nadu, South India are:

1. Lakshmi Narayana Nursery and Primary School (Co-Educational School)
2. Hemophilia Program

Volunteers who have served SABHA projects:
James Brindley (AIS Alum 2005)
Julia Aude Mulliez (AIS Alum 2004)
Justine Mulliez and Cassie Huntley (AIS Alumni 2007)
Jenna Sanborn (AIS Alum 2008)
Louise Ellinor Darner (Netherlands)
Anusha Sthanunathan (AIS Alum 2009) and Mrs. Uma Sthanunathan (Parent)
Kelsey Sanborn and Paige Brownlow (AIS Alumni 2009)
Tarah Vijayasarathy (Sophomore- Poudre High School, Fort Collins, CO)
Suriya Vijayasarathy (Senior-Poudre High School, Fort Collins, CO)
Mr. Serge Petitpre (Faculty, Atlanta International School)

Volunteer Members:
Emmanuelle Gounot (AIS Alum 1999)
Aditya Sthanunathan (AIS Alum 2005)
Max Hunt (AIS Alum 2008)
Benjamin Schuttler (AIS Alum 2008)
Adrien Pellerin (AIS Alum 2009)
Johanne Arnoldi (Denmark)

The mission of SABHA is to provide a strong support base to help alleviate poverty and hardship for needy children in India.

SABHA has set up an Educational Trust Fund in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to create opportunities for underprivileged children through sponsorship of their higher education.

SABHA’s President, Shanta Kalyanasundaram speaks Tamil, the local language, and has established contact with key volunteer personnel in the region.
The personal touch of someone who knows the culture and customs of the local people is an added advantage when coordinating projects in India.

Group Information:
Shanta Kalyanasundaram - President
Kristine Vanijcharoenkarn – Director
Urmilla Sethuraman – Director and Graphic Designer
Krishnan Kalyanasundaram –Director
Serge Petitpre - Director
Regine Haardörfer - Webmaster
Saurav Bhandary – Director Communications

For more information on how to get involved, or to make a donation, please contact us at:

3825 Paces Ferry West SE
Atlanta, GA 30339
Website: www.oursabha.org
Email: oursabha@oursabha.org

SABHA Inc. is a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.
All contributions are tax deductible.